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Detailed book reviews plus plot, setting, and character searches.


Where people find and share books

Book Browse

Your guide to exceptional books.

Book Movement

A site for bookclubs that allows members to recommend books to each other.

DOGO Books

Book reviews by kids for kids.


Keep track of your favorite authors, books, and series.


Share book recommendations, see what your friends are reading, and even friend the library.


Find a book based on the lexile score.

Library Thing

Catalog your books online.

National Indie BestSellers

From the American Booksellers Association


Established in 1994 as an ongoing volunteer project by a public library collection development librarian. Overbooked's mission is to provide timely information about fiction (all genres) and readable nonfiction for ravenous and omnivorous readers.

Stop You're Killing Me!

"A Website to die for...if you love mysteries"

What's Next -

Find out which books are next in the series you're reading. This resource was created by Kent District Library.


A new way of choosing what to read

Connect to the catalogs of libraries worldwide.