Raised by Wolves


Raised By Wolves book cover

Bryn might not be a werewolf, but she definitely knows them. Ever since her parents were killed when she was a young girl, she’s been living with a werewolf pack – marked as their own. And while Bryn loves her wolf family, she challenges their rules and hierarchy whenever she has a chance. And meeting Chase gives her the perfect opportunity to continue to question their rules. Will she break away from the only identity she’s ever known?


This book is paranormal romance at its finest. The series is multi-layered and highly developed – the mythology behind Barnes’s werewolves is logical and acceptable. But what really impressed me about this book was Bryn’s character. She is such a strong girl; one that’s perfectly capable of speaking her mind and making her own plans. This was so refreshing to see in this kind of a book – I am so happy that this one will also have a sequel coming next summer.



Book Author: 
Jennifer Lynn Barnes