Free Online Learning Services

There are a number of ways for Melrose Park Library patrons to take advantage of learning opportunities online. 

LearningExpress Library

Elementary and Middle School Students

LearningExpress offers courses, eBooks, and practice tests for children and adults. Many libraries, including Melrose Park, subscribe to this resource and make it available to their patrons. Math and Reading skill building are available for elementary school students as young as 4th grade.  Social Studies and Writing Skills are also available for middle school students as well as practice for various High School Entrance exams.

High School Students

For high school students, added to the mix are Logic and Reasoning, Science, Statistics, Trigonometry, and Vocabulary. Prospective college students have access to many practice exams including the SAT, ACT, and Advanced Placement (AP) Exams. College preparation goes beyond just test-prep with ebooks to help you write essays for college admission.

College Students and Technical Careers

Skillbuilding for college students and those beginning techinical careers include Personal Finance, Public Speaking, Math and Reasoning, Reading, Vocabulary, Writing, and Science. Graduate school entrance exam practice includes preparation for the GMAT, LSAT, MCAT, GRE, MAT and PCAT.

All Adults 

Whether you would like to improve your skills in your current career or change careers, there are enrichment courses for you. LearningExpress library offers test preparation in dozens of different  occupations including Nursing, Real Estate and Teaching. There are even tests to prepare you for the U.S. Citizenship test. Improve your skills in your current job, or prepare for the next one, there are many options for learning with LearningExpress Library.

Popular Software Tutorials

Popular software tutorials is a special section of LearningExpress Library that includes video tutorials to some of the most frequently used software applications today. Choose from the Microsoft Office Suite of products, Adobe products, or choose an operating system to learn.

With over 750 lessons and 250 video tutorials, you can learn to your hearts content on this free website available to everyone. Free computer tutorials range from learning to use a mouse to exploring the new Mac OSX Mountain Lion. Other tutorials include math, reading, finances, life skills, and many, many more.

Did you know you can take a college course online for free? Sign-up for free online college courses from over 16 universities including Princeton, University of Illinois, and Stanford University. Complete with lectures, quizzes, homework assignments, and exercises, this online experience can help you enrich your life and career. Interaction with fellow students and teaching assistants  is also encouraged to make this a complete and enriching experience. 


Choose from 14 unique topics in this exciting new approach to online learning. Instead of lectures, students participate in projects and solve problems in this hands-on learning experience. 


Participate in a free university course from MIT, University of California-Berkeley, or Harvard.

All Khan Academy resources are completely free enabling them to pursue their mission of providing a "free world-class education to anyone, anywhere." Visit Khan Academy to understand math, science, economics and finance, humanities, computers and much more. Now Khan Academy is also available in Spanish.