Halloween Horror Read-Out

Here is your chance to "act-out" in the library! Choose your favorite scary story to read or perform in our "haunted" basement. Got stage fright? Just sit back and enjoy the spine-chilling show and tricky treats. Halloween costumes are optional but encouraged. All ages are welcome if they dare!

Biblioteca cerrada - Veterans Day

La biblioteca estará cerrada el miércoles, 11 de noviembre.

Biblioteca Cerrada

La biblioteca estará cerrada el lunes, 12 de octobre.

Biblioteca Cerrada - Día del trabajo

La biblioteca estará cerrada 7 de septiembre 2015.

Apple Festival


Celebrate fall flavors this October with our second annual Apple Festival. Taste test a variety of apples before selecting your favorite to make a gourmet caramel apple. Our staff will guide you through the process of:

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