Finance your dream wedding cheaply with an installment loan.


Planning a wedding can be a very nerve-wracking and exhausting task for the newlyweds – in addition to the perfect dress, the right location, the right food, the right table decoration and many other small and large details have to be selected, ordered and organized.

The expenses that the happy couple has to spend on arranging their dream wedding seem to be infinite. Since many of these expenses have to be made before the “big day” and therefore a large amount of money has to be raised within a very short time, the bride and groom should look for a suitable source of finance in good time if the saved capital is not sufficient for the perfect dream wedding.

With the right wedding credit, the most beautiful day of your life will be perfect

With the right wedding credit, the most beautiful day of your life will be perfect

In order to avoid having to turn over every euro twice to plan their wedding or to have to forego certain things holistically, many couples in Germany are now taking out a loan for their wedding. Financing the wedding and the subsequent celebration with a bank loan is currently a very inexpensive decision: Interest rates for consumer loans in Germany are at an all-time low – cheaper than now, consumers could no longer borrow money from the bank for a long time.

When choosing the right wedding loan, the soon to be married couple should make sure that the bank enables their customers to make free special repayments during the repayment of the loan. In addition to the monthly repayment installments contractually agreed with the bank, borrowers can then make unscheduled payments and thereby reduce the outstanding loan amount.

Money gifts from friends and relatives can be used to quickly repay the loan. This not only shortens the term – the total loan costs, which correspond to the sum of interest and principal, are also reduced in this way.

Joint borrowing ensures better conditions

Joint borrowing ensures better conditions

However, the future spouses should pay attention not only to free special repayments, but also to the effective annual interest due on the loan when comparing different wedding loans. To a certain extent, the bride and groom can even influence how high the interest the bank charges on loaning the money: If the future spouses apply for the loan for their wedding together, the higher credit rating usually ensures lower loan interest.

If a loan default occurs during the repayment phase, the joint loan application increases the security for the bank. In this case, the bank can seize the salaries of both borrowers to pay the outstanding debt. It is important for the joint application that both borrowers are employed indefinitely and have a Credit Bureau file without a negative entry. Celebrate the best day of your life with your friends and families without having to look at the money – with a cheap loan for your dream wedding!

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