Meet the Staff: Donna

Youth Services Associate.

What high school did you go to?
Oak Park River Forest High School.

What is your favorite YA book?
All of the Harry Potters by J.K. Rowling, The Face of the Milk Carton series by Caroline B. Cooney, and Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson.

What is/are your favorite pizza toppings?
Mushrooms and olives usually but sometimes I go crazy and have spinach with lots of garlic! Yummy.

What was your favorite high school class?
American Studies (with Mr. Becker and Miss J.) -- it was a new class that combined American history and literature.

What's the CD you can't live without?
U2 - The Joshua Tree. Anything by The Beatles

What is your most embarrassing teen moment?
Limping along with an infected ingrown toenail on my 8th grade graduation trip wearing a GIANT white sock on my foot and a sandal. It was horrible and no fun at all!