Purchase of loans between individuals: principle and simulation


Following the decline in your purchasing power and the financial difficulties you have faced, taking out a consumer loan in addition to a mortgage in progress with a financial institution was your last resort and, today Loan monthly payments restrict your financial comfort? Think about buying credits.

Insofar as, the proposals and conditions for buying back credits formulated by financial institutions do not seem to reduce your debt situation without too many constraints, opt for buying back loans between individuals.

Redemption of loans between individuals: how does it work?

Redemption of loans between individuals: how does it work?

Owner, tenant or lodger, have you had to take out consumer and mortgage loans from your bank to maintain your standard of living and are you having trouble paying your debts? In this case, it is advisable to restructure your debts by grouping them into a single loan in order to obtain a single monthly payment, generally less than the sum of all the monthly payments.

This banking operation will allow you to better manage your budget while reducing your monthly repayment.

You are the subject of a filing at the bank and are no longer able to obtain a credit buyout from your bank? Buying back loans between individuals is an alternative.

Recently arrived in the country and now very widespread on the internet, the repurchase of loans between individuals is established between 2 physical persons and this, without banking intervention.

Advantages of loan

Advantages of loan

It offers the advantage:

  • get a single interest rate (more negotiable than a bank rate) and thus reduce your monthly payments.

  • renegotiate your repayment terms without increasing the total amount of the credit too much, compared to its initial cost.

To choose this solution, send your request free of charge and without obligation, on our site by filling out the dedicated form.

You will then receive offers to buy back credit from a few individuals. It’s up to you to choose and seal with an explicit contract, the proposal that seems the most advantageous and thus, apprehend your end of the month with peace of mind.

Note that the signing of an acknowledgment of debt indicating the name of the parties, the date, the amount of the loan and the terms of repayment is necessary. In addition, this financial alternative formalized by a notary in the presence of both parties is strongly recommended in order to avoid scams and / or disputes.

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