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Teen Chocolate Pary

Can’t get enough chocolate? Join us for a celebration of this sweet treat! Teens in grades 7-12 will have plenty of chances to satisfy their sweet tooth, so be sure to be here. Registration is required. 


Teen Book Club

Talking, eating, and hanging out with your friends — what could be better? It’s time to throw in a book. Every month, Teen Book Club meets to discuss a book together. To sign up and get your copy of the book, talk to Katie. This program is for teens going into 7-12 grades. Registration is required.

Don't Pay the College Sticker Price

Join college planning expert Joseph Orsolini for an enlightening program that teaches parents of all income levels how to reduce the exorbitant cost of college so they won’t jeopardize their own retirement or strap their children with life altering debt.

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